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My works are created in a wide range of mediums including installation, video and textiles. Although the concepts behind my individual projects are often different, my artwork is all linked by the process of creation and more often than not follow the subject of mortality. 

My practice is very process based, with the journey of producing the final work being as important as the final work itself. The making process of my pieces is often labour intensive - with repetitive, tedious and sometimes painful methods required to create them. These time consuming processes are a means of catharsis for myself, allowing me to use my art to channel complexities in my life. 

My current work is a continuing exploration of the world of pharmaceuticals, hospitals and more specially in recent times to the radiology department, this due to the personal links I have there through family members and my own experiences throughout my childhood. 

If you would like any commissions or to work on a collaborative piece then please don’t hesitate to get in touch
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